Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Funny isms' from my loving, silly little jokester, Willsy ...

Mom...Be careful when you clean my ears, you might push my brains out.

Mom, I don't think Eli should be in my room because I have too many toys.  And it could be dangerous.

To a kid at the play ground...This is my baby brother Eli, he lives in my mommy's tummy.

Mom I think I need to have a banana, because its an important food.

Will holding a wishing flower...Mom look this makes my allergies feel all better.

And something boy moms get to experience....

Will in bath...Mom, look when I keep pouring the water on my winky it gets bigger like daddy's!

I have to say age four is one of curiosity and non-stop laughs for Lew and I.  
Will is such an inquisitive and funny little dude, who always makes us laugh!  

Love you Willsy, more than air.


Anonymous said...

hehe Will is a little comedian! Sammy and him would be best buddies!

amanda said...

oh my goodness that picture is adorable!!

four is totally awesome :)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Oh, that picture is priceless..and the bathtub...oh goodness...