Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Diaper Duty...

Right around the time when Will turned one, I switched to Target brand diapers. I know you have seen them. The Up brand. I was completely and utterly impressed with them. For Will's first year we had used Pampers because I thought they were the best for him.

But when I opened the package of the Target brand and saw the cute green and blue polka dots on them, I knew I had a winner. Everyone who saw him in the diapers wondered who made them and where they could get them. Like they were some kind of designer diaper.

Not only are these diapers cheaper than the other brands they don't leak! We have not had one accident.

Then just last week, I was in need of diapers and did not have time to run by Target. So I ended up getting him Pampers at the grocery store. Let me tell you, 3 nights in a row Will wet himself and we had to have a pj change. Not fun for him or me.

I am not reviewing this product but would totally do it because Target's Up diapers are the best by far! Kudos to you Target for making this mommy super happy!

What kind of diapers do you use? Have you tried Target's diapers? Would love to hear.


Anonymous said...

We use Huggies or Costco brand's Kirkland (they are identical to Huggies). Neither Pampers or the Target brand worked for us. Sammy pees a lot all at once and Huggies were the only ones that didn't leak for him. When Sammy was a few months old the target brand worked pretty good for him. But as he grew they didn't seem to contain the pee for us. I think it just depends on your child. But I def. love finding a good deal on diapers! I wish we could buy the target brand because they are the best for the money. But changing him 6+ times a day instead of 4 times with Huggies/Kirkland drove the price to about the same. :-)

Clare said...

wow!! i have never tried the target brand, may need to pick some up for this new baby!

Angie S said...

We use Pampers, but I have often wondered about Target diapers. I love Target soooo much! You may have talked me into it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your little man is adorable:)

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing! I've been wondering about them. We use Target wipes and they are GREAT! We use pampers during the day and huggies overnight.

Chelle said...

We love Target diapers! We almost always get them unless we are OUT and Leo gets Huggies/Pampers on base.

But the new Target brand is amazing. And our tech @ one of the girls' peds appointment complimented them. Haha!

Brandi said...

We have always used Pampers and never had a problem until Baby Bub. It's hit or miss whether or not he leaks at night. It's awful when the only reason he doesn't sleep through the night is because he's soaked up to his neck and I have to change him and his bedding at 2a.m.! I may have to try the Target brand.