Monday, February 15, 2010

Hotty Hot Sauce Will and Some Chocolate Overload...

For Valentine's Day we kept it low key. We did go out to dinner to Chili's the night before to have a little family celebration of heart day.
I wish I would have brought my camera b/c Will with spoon in hand dived into the salsa and took a heaping bite. I hate to say it was funny, but it was until he was trying to wipe off his tongue with his hands. YIKES! A drink of milk and he was okay. Will loves anything hot and spicy though, maybe b/c I ate so much spice when I was pregnant, who knows.
He is not a double dipper but more like a dozen dipper. He licks the salsa off and dips his chip in for more. He even does this with queso. The boy is an addict!
Me, I enjoyed my margarita and chicken tacos with tons of salsa! Definitely runs in the family.
Since we did not have dessert there which we normally don't. I wanted to do something special for heart day. So I bought a cheesecake and added some "homemade" touches to it. Treats like this our pretty rare in our house so I think I took it to the extreme. As you can see.
I added organic frozen raspberries and milk chocolate over the top. I added a bit too much chocolate but when you splurge like this, why not go all the way. One slice won't do much damage on the abs. Let me just say, it was YUMMY!


Liz said...

I couldn't help but laugh at the tongue issue. Poor guy! :)

And that dessert looks awesome. Can never have too much chocolate, right?? nah!

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amanda said...

that looks beyond yummy!!

ps - love the new layout :)

Michelle said...

Mmmm, that looks delicious! Sounds like a fun heart day!

Anonymous said...

hehe to funny! Glad he likes spicy stuff! Sammy does too! They would be great buddies :-) That dessert is making my mouth water :-P

Clare said...

yummmm!! that is so funny about the salsa!!

Angela said...

Hi! Thank you for coming by my blog yesterday! Dear John was a great movie, you should definitly see it! I love tacos and margarittas at Chilis too! Poor little guy w/ the salsa, I could see that happening to one of my girls too, lol! Have a great week!

Chelle said...

YUM. I want a piece of that now.

And thank God I looked at it tonite. I start my giving up sweets for lent tomorrow...*sob*

ps-new layout? LOVES it.


Krystyn said...

I remember the first time Izzy dove into salsa. It was awesome. She would eat it, it would make her mouth hot, she would chug some milk and then repeat.

And, wow does a chili's rita sound does the cheesecake.

Christy said...

Mmmmmm...that looks tasty. You can never have too much chocolate. NEVER.