Wednesday, February 17, 2010

one busy day...

A day away from blogging and I feel like I have missed so much!
Yesterday we had many errands and doctors visits to attend to like...
The ortho. doctor said it is still healing but he did not want to have to put another cast on the little bubba which I am so thankful for. Let me tell you...his foot SMELLED! And BAD!
He is not really walking on it but we think over time he will re-discover his walking abilities and put some weight on it.
Then we had a 2 year checkup for him which was scheduled months ago and just so happened to be the day of operation cast removal. Not such a good idea.
He had to get his last hibb shot and he is just not a fan of the doctors. He loves the play area but as soon as they call his name the tears start a rolling. I love his doctor though because he tries to make seeing him fun. Attempts to.
Will however has measurements and a weight that the doctor considers him a bean pole! He is in the 95% for his height and his weight was about the 60%. The men in our family on average are a little above 6 foot. So I think I have a 6 footer on my hands.
We also got bubsy's haircut. It is now a buzz cut. He just hates getting it cut so we thought shorter is better right now until he can sit still in a chair. Pics to come!
Well...I have to get off now and make preschool phone calls.


Brandi said...

So glad he got his cast off and I can't wait to see pics of his hair!!

Krystyn said...

Yay for getting his cast off. I be he's walking tomorrow on it! It took Natalie no time at all!

Just wait until you go to the dentist.

Anonymous said...

oo yay for the cast being off! I can't wait to see the hair! What a tall man Will is growing to be!

Christy said...

My kids hate going to the doctor too. If I even mention the doctor's office, Porgie and Izzy start screaming.

Chelle said...

Yay for getting the cast off!!! What a relief!

I can't wait to see a pic of his new haircut--I bet it is adorable!


Liz said...

Yay Will! Sorry about the shots though, they kinda stink! :( Hope he gets to walking easily again soon!

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