Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the flu blues...

I think I have forgotten how to blog after the flu train went through our house. But I am back.
Will got sick Wednesday night into Thursday.
I got sick Friday into Saturday.
Daddy got sick Sunday into Monday.
Let me just say it was not the cold flu bloggy friends.
It was the other one.
The one that I hate.
I think it might have made re-think having more children kind of flu.
Sorry...this is it for now. I will be back to regular blogging tomorrow.
Going to catch up on some bloggy reading now.


Anonymous said...

ooo noooooo!!! Glad your feeling a little better! I hate throwing up and I throw up smelling throw up! Hope everyone feels more like themselves. I can't wait to see some cast free pictures! Ohh I bet your glad he didn't have a cast on when he got the flu!

amanda said...

oh sooo sorry friend. hope the house and all of you are germ free now!!

Chelle said...

Oh no! I am so so sorry, hun. Hoping everyone is all on the mend and that this week is an awesome week for you.