Friday, February 26, 2010

Thomas Here We Come...

Will wanted to share with everyone that he is officially going to spend a day out with Thomas in April! He's not excited yet but I am hoping as we tell him more about it, he will be. He's more excited when pull up to Target and the first thing he says is Choo Choo Trains...gotta break that habit.

This is like a second birthday gift for him. Since his birthday falls in the middle of winter it makes it really hard to plan something for a 2 year old. We were planning for him to go to a jump zone. Then the whole broken foot messed that plan up. So we knew when it got nice that we would take him on a train adventure. Daddy did a little research on Thomas's web site and found out that Thomas will be in our area!

It looks completely amazing! There are train rides, play centers, and a whole bunch of other activities. Can't wait for him to have this experience. I think I am more excited than him!


Anonymous said...

What a fun event! I am sure he will love it :-)

Krystyn said...

Oh, I bet he loves it! Hope you all have a great time.