Thursday, February 25, 2010

a little random...

While we were down and out with the flu we won our first giveaway! Lew is going to enjoy some wonderful coffee. Thanks Krystyn! Check out her blog here for great stories of her family and even some giveaways.

While being sick I came totally obsessed with watching Dr. Oz. Don't ask me why. But he actually is quite interesting. I think I am going to check out one of his books at the library.

The morning after Will got sick. We went to the store to get some extra cleaning supplies, lot of good that did. Anyway Will saw McDonald's and said he wanted french fries. Is this kid for real? I can barely look at a food commercial when I am sick.

Will is slowly beginning to walk again after the cast removal. I was kind of hoping he would walk faster but getting sick definitely slowed us down. We would walk around the neighborhood but there is still SNOW everywhere. Yesterday we attempted to and it took us about 45 minutes!

Will got a new bed in preparation for eventually switching to a toddler bed.

2 weeks tell the Wee Sale! If you have not heard me talk about it before it is a huge consignment sale that is held everything spring and fall here where we live. They have everything! I am able to put Will in boutique clothes for half the cost. So excited for it!

Haven't posted any pictures yet of Will's new haircut or his cast less leg because he has not been in the mood lately. When I tell him to smile, he looks the other way. I think the two's are definitely here.

Sorry for this somewhat lame post. I promise they will be better next week. Maybe even some pictures.


Anonymous said...

oo thats fun that you won a giveaway! I have never watched Dr. Oz.. might have to give it a try! Funny about the McD's.

Liz said...

Giveaways are so much fun! So glad you got to win one.

Hope Will is up and running around in no time!

Loving This Mom Stuff

Chelle said...

Congrats on your win! Yay!

I love Dr. Oz--I haven't seen him in awhile, though...I def need to start again!

Glad you guys are finally starting to feel better :)