Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3rd Person Talking . . .

Will just recently started to comprehend that he in fact was Will. He would come or do what we said when we would call his name, but he is just now saying "I Will."

The cutest thing ever.

Now he has started talking in the 3rd person which to me is just so funny.

Here are some of the things that he is saying:

Will go down stairs mama
Will take bath
Will go outside
Will want more chex pease
Will tersty(thirsty)
Will go bye byes

He is an ever changing toddler and each day he brings more and more sunshine to my day.

Mama loves Will.


Angie said...


One of my favorite stages - I also love when they use "ME" for everything

Natalie said...

Tater does this too! We don't make fun of him to his face, but we do make fun of it (in the nicest way possible, I mean!)

Lindsay said...

sooooo cute!! Sammy still can't say his name :-P

kanishk said...

this is lovely
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