Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Randomness . . .

  • Mother's Day sucked bc I was sick yet again!
  • So thankful Lew was off and able to take care of Will and actually feed him w/o my assistance.
  • Starting to feel better but I am just so over this cold/flu season!
  • Will is officially addicted to Wow Wow Wubzy. Not sure when that happened.
  • He got a new tricycle and absolutely loves riding it around the house and he stores all his trains in the tricycle's trunk. Tricycle's trunk? Anyway.
  • I was going to have crab legs for mother's day. Yeah. That didn't happen. I asked Lew if they were good. He said OF COURSE, they were awesome. Way to make me feel better!
  • Going to catch up on all the dvr'd shows that I have missed since being sick.
  • I am at 51 followers! Thanks for following me. I really and truly appreciate it!
  • I got contacted to do a review for an AWESOME BAND and cannot wait to hear their whole cd.
  • Lastly...Please pray for my BIL Kevin, he has been in the hospital since Friday. He was diagnosed with Pancreatitis(sp). We don't have a lot of info. on it yet but he has to change his whole way of living. No more alcohol and he has to change everything about the way he currently eats. We are all hoping and praying he is able to leave the hospital soon! If you know anyone who has this or you have info. on it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for listening to the randomness today. I will be back with a better post soon!


Angie said...

Saying a prayer for your BIL.

Sorry you were sick on Mama's day - that stinks!

Lindsay said...

glad your feeling a little better! I will be praying for your BIL. I had gall stones stuck in my common bile duct after I had my gall bladder out and one of the things that could happen was pancreatitis. I hope he can leave soon and starts feeling better soon!

Natalie said...

Yes, of course I'll say a prayer for your BIL!

Glad you are feeling better...I think now I'm coming down with something - great!!

Sorry you missed your Mother's Day dinner; it sounds like you need a do-over too!

Chelle said...

So sorry you're sick again :( Madelyn is, too. This season has been brutal!

Saying a prayer for your bil.

Angie S said...

wow wow wubsy makes my skin crawl, but i watch it anyway.

i hope you feel better soon. being sick is no fun, we are finally all getting better here!

amanda said...

sick again? i vote that you make next sunday mothers day and get a do over :)

praying for your bil...

Brandi said...

Girl, you need to carry around a bottle of Lysol with you wherever you go. Just start spraying down anyone that looks suspicious. ;) Hope you feel better.

My hubby's friend had pancreatitis. I don't really know much other than he said it was really serious and he also had to stop drinking and start eating better. He's fine currently.

I will say a prayer for Kevin.

Letherton said...

Hope your BIL is doing better
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