Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a MEME you don't want to miss !

Wow....I promise this is my last post of the day. Not sure I have ever posted 3 times in a day but I wanted to play along with the motherhood truth in her meme. All you have to do is take pictures about your day. What you did...maybe it was outside with the kids, going to the grocery store, or going out to dinner.

So here is My Day in Pictures...a somewhat modified version of this since the motherhood truth is located in Australia, I wanted to make sure I was able to join in. So go do it! I wish I had time to do this everyday!

Fighting a sinus infection and a double ear infection....I am so over it. That is my vitamin C shot and antibiotics...what a great start

It is such a great day here! A change from the humidity. I just love this shot bc Will is playing with his favorite thing....a ball. We just got him the tricycle the other day and he runs to the ball.

We had to run to the grocery store to get some odds and ends...more cough medicine and such. But Will wanted this balloon. Isn't he sweet?

Lastly...this is an ongoing project for my MIL. I am making her a scrapbook for Mother's Day and her Birthday. I have to get it finished soon to send out to Chicago! I just love her diva glasses in that photo. She is holding Lew!

Now go and check out the motherhood truth!


Shell said...

Very cute meme!

Donna said...

Jenny - thankyou so much for joining in! It was great to see your blog and to see your fun pics...well, except the one about sinus infections etc, that's not so fun for you I bet. Am very jealous of the weather you are having there - we are heading in to winter and it is cold, cold, cold.
Hope you can join us again next week! Your blog is gorgeous!!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I used to live in Reston,Virginia and later Ashburn. We were almost neighbors. I love your post.

bbcd mama said...

I'm so happy you joined in! Donna's a clever one, isn't she? It's pretty great you are celebrating mother's day already.

Anonymous said...

oo such a fun meme!! Love the picture of Will and the ball :)

kanishk said...

Your blog is gorgeous!!!
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