Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vacation Pictures . . . Yes. There is More !

There was a play area at the resort we stayed at in Door County and Bubsy fell in love with the ball pit!
Lucky for us there were not a lot of kids around germing it up!
What an awesome jumper!

Yes. Even I got coaxed into the non-germy ball pit. Let's hope.

Taking another leap. He seriously had no fear.

Surrounded in a sea of germs...I mean balls.

Guess he found something good. Sorry. Had to throw this one in there. Looks like my kid was the one germing up the ball pit!


Lindsay said...

what a cutie! The last one made me giggle!

Liz said...

You got some great action shots! And I love that you got right in there with him!

Sherri said...

I KNEW there were boogers in those pits!! This is so cute, and really took me back a few years. I loved the ball pits, but did wonder about all those germs!

Clare said...

oh how i loved those things when i was little!! now, seriously yuck, but fun too:)