Thursday, September 23, 2010

preschool mommys . . .

Will-z is on his third week of preschool and it could not be going better. The first week he ran into the class room. The second week, well there were lots of tears but he eventually stopped. This week I am hoping there will be a happy medium.

Getting to the preschool mommys. I thought by now I would have a play date set for him and some of his friends from school. But the mommys are somewhat anti-social. There is one mom that I talk to but her daughter and Will really do not play together.

So what do you do? Do you make the first move, even if the mom is standing there like she is running late for her hair appointment? I mean arms crossed, they look at you and you say hello but its a total blank stare.

This whole preschool thing is great but I really thought that Will-z and I would be making some friends. So far I am a total fail in that department.

Then to top it off Will-z is going to miss next week because he will be getting his tubes and then his adenoids removed. He only goes once a week, so everyday is precious.

Oh...Well. Just venting about the awkward moments of being a mommy to a preschooler.


Lindsay said...

I would say just go for it.. find a kid you see Will playing with and find out who their mom is. Then say Ohh Will was asking to play with "Little Johnny" the other day. We should get them together :-) Thats what I do at least :-)

Shell said...

This is my third year with a child in preschool- and we still haven't had any luck in the making friends with preschool moms department.

Angie said...

My 3rd year in preschool setting too - no friends for me to make either.

I say go for it if you want to do playdates!

We live a little further away from our preschool than most of the kids in the school (about 20 min) that is why I never really tried.

Clare said...

definitely just give it some time. bradley got to be such good buddies with kids from his last preschool. he is at a new school now that we moved, and we haven't had any play dates yet. we have a field trip coming up in a few weeks, and i am hoping to meet some of the mommies then!! i hope will does ok with his surgery!

Liz said...

i think it takes a bit of time until a kid comes home talking about a name or 2 over and over. it might surprise you who Will ends up buddy-buddy with. i saw to give it more time, and don't worry too much. you'll find a mom friend or two very soon.