Monday, September 13, 2010

He loved it !

As I told you guys last week, Will-z's first day of preschool was last Friday. I made sure to hype it up and make a point that he would be able to play with trains there and he was totally sold on it.

When we got there a friend of his was already there but was having a mini meltdown. His mom gave me a look, like you better keep on going because he is going to set Will-z off.

He was practically dragging me to his class room which I was relieved about. I handed his bag to the teacher and did not say a goodbye, who knows what Will-z would have done if I did.

Drop off = Success!

Picking up I learned that Will-z's friend set all the boys in the class off for a minute or so of whining but then they were all fine.

Us parents were waiting outside the class room and heard them singing a goodbye song, it totally melted us all! Then they send one kid out at a time and Will-z was lucky enough to be the first one out. When he saw me he came running! He had big crocodile tears and said, "I love you mama, I mist you!" Then the tears turned into a smile. Which made all of us moms start to tear up.

The best thing off all is that his teacher used to come to the gym that I managed! She is an awesome lady and such a great teacher, so that makes this transition so much better for me at least.

There might be tears shed every now and again but Will-z is on amazing journey, as is his mommy.


Anonymous said...

yay for a great first day of preschool!!!

Shell said...

Yay for a good start to the year!