Friday, September 17, 2010

Total Randomness . . . because.

Have you noticed that there has been a lack of blogging lately? With summer on its way out I thought it would be easy to get back into blogging.


Here is the randomness at its best...

Will is loving school and adjusting well to it. I am hoping to start taking a yoga class during that time but lately I have been training during that time. BOO!

I am in total need of some me time.

The me time has been lacking because Will got sick over this past weekend and this cold is acting like it wants to stick around. Snot is everywhere, its just plain gross!

I ended up taking him to the pediatrician only to find out that he has another set of ear infections. I think this is his 9th set this year! Yes. That is one every month!

So. We have now seen an ENT doctor and my poor little Will-z bubsy has to get tubes and has to have his adenoids taken out. Major sobs happening hear not only by Will but by me as well. Next week we will have a pre-op appt. and then the following Thursday he will have the surgery. I am just so disheartened because I really thought he would grow out of them like I did but its just not in the cards.

Enough of that, its too upsetting.

Have any of you been watching Teen Mom? I am rooting for all those girls, Maci is such an amazing mom, I don't know how she does it. I feel bad for Catlin, her mom is so un-supportive and so mean! This show is definitely my guilty pleasure.

In other news my sweet hubby, Lew will be turning 30 next week and I am trying to figure out what to get him for this big milestone. Any ideas?

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

hehe love random!! Boo on sick and tubes! The tubes surgery is super super quick and easy.. (Sammy had that) if that helps any! Plus he was much better after he had it done. yay for birthdays!!

Krystyn said...

Happy birthday to your hubby...and so sorry about the tubes.

We are doing tear duct probe number two next week..not fun.

Shell said...

Oh, his poor ears! clue. anything fun that he wants to do?

Liz said...

i'm sorry! but hopefully he will stay healthy afterwards!

Adrienne said...

Sorry your little guy isn't feeling well. that stinks. We've been fighting a double ear infection and sinus infection on our end. So I feel your pain. I ahve never really watched teen mom, but I see they making the covers of grocery mags. Crazy!

Chelle said...

Aw, honey, so sorry he has to have surgery :( Praying for you guys!

And yay for birthdays!!

I love Teen Mom--poor Caitlin :( Her mom is beyond awful. So sad!