Thursday, September 9, 2010

He's Going to Preschool . . .

He knows how to ride his tricycle.

He can almost count to 20.

He counts backwards from 10.

He is quite the lover of trains (as you all know).

He is very independent but occasionally he will give a snuggle away.

He loves putting things together, building and watching the way wheels turn. Then he will knock it down only to do the same thing over again.

He is strong willed and always determined!

He loves being around other kids and he is always considerate of their feelings.

He is my baby.

He is my sweetness.

He is my funny bubsy for sure. A real comedian.

Tomorrow, I hope is a day filled with fun and laughter, like this picture.

He is true to this picture, always jumping with both feet in. My little adventurer.

I love you Will-Z, as you like to call yourself these days, more than air.


liz said...

have a great day, Will!

Sherri said...

Aw, so cute! Fun times ahead, that's for sure!

amanda said...

hope his first day is wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

Just getting back from vacation! I hope he had a great first day! Love that picture!