Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Binky Monster..No way!

First off I must say that I really do like the binky except at night when the binky monster comes out to haunt us! Will loves his binky especially when he is going to bed. But once he hits the crib everything falls apart, the binky comes flying out, hands moving about, itching the eyes, kicking the legs in the air and all sorts of weird noises come out of this precious little baby. But I do not understand this whole binky thing...why does the binky monster come out at night when you just want sleep?? My husband stands next to me while I hold the binky in Will's mouth and asks, "Why doesn't he like to sleep?" I am hoping that this question only pertains to first time dads! I reply..."Like I know, I am not a mind reader of the binky and his sleeping." He is sleepy, out of it, maybe he does not realize what he is doing. Your guess is as good as mine." So after about 10 minutes of holding the binky and holding his legs down from kicking he finally retreats to the blissful thing we call SLEEP! Thank goodness.
Until morning when he wakes at 4:30 and I bring him in our bed because I just cannot take standing next to the crib for 20 minutes holding the binky in for him to go back to sleep. I did this last week, I put my hand on the edge of the crib and then rested my head on my hand, later that day I realized I had poison sumac on my hand and now on my forehead. So I won't do that again.
I love the binky monster!! Who can resist this cute little face though? Sleep deprived and all! Who cares when you can stare at this all day long.

The teeth are coming in...soon we will have a little biting machine on our hands...

Having some squash and a top off...

"Geez... Not another pic daddy...don't you have enough?"


amanda said...

i too remember the binky monster. a wise friend told me one day the monster would disappear and beans would be able to in fact control the binky on her own.

she was right.

hoping your little love learns this trick soon :)

Shannon said...

My oldest son loved his binky too - I hated the months where I had to go in and pop it back in his mouth in the middle of the night. Don't worry very soon he will be able to put it back in his mouth on his own, I promise! Those will be glorious nights . . . we used to put 3-4 around Pete's head so he could grab one no matter which way he turned! Will is so darn cute - could I be more in love with that fluffy hair????

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh yes... the binky monster. We are SO over that, thank goodness! But I for sure have been there!

That last picture of Will rocks! I just love it when I catch awesome expressions like that on my kids too. :)


Heather said...

I am the odd Mom out here. I just didn't put it back in the mouth for them. Both of mine didn't take to one very well anyway so they learned to sleep with out it.

Hope he learns to do it on his own soon!!