Thursday, June 5, 2008


First I just wanted to say thanks to all that stopped by to give me a little advice on sleeping. I will keep you all posted on the ins and outs/ups and downs of Will and his sleeping. To Shannon, the 1st Shannon that commented, I would love to stop by your blog but I was not able to get linked to it. Will was born on Jan. 23. I thought that was kind of cool! Here are some random pictures of my niece Lilly at her last soccer game of the season. This was her first year, she is actually quite good. She gives those boys a run for their money, that is for sure. She pushes them around the field!

Lilly sitting on the sidelines just itching to go in and play. Such a moment captured though, her just sitting there.

Lilly amongst the boys...again a moment captured.

Lilly going after the ball, my sister said she got better and better with each game played. She has so much energy to burn off!

Lilly with a funny look on her face, I did not put some of the pics up because it seems like every time Lilly was going after the ball her tongue was sticking out, like it helped with the kicking of the ball. Sooo...Funny!

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Shannon said...

Well, Jenny, you really opened my eyes to why no one ever comes to my blog!!! LOL. I had no freaking idea my blog wasn't linked, until I went to my profile to check it out. L-O-S-E-R. I fixed it :-)
I love the soccer pics - my son Pete is four and just started his first season. There is something totally adorable about little tiny shin pads and cleats!!!