Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, I meant to post last night but life just took over yesterday. We had a gorgeous day here in Annapolis, the weather was perfect, you think life would be perfect. Yeah right!

It all started when my sweet Will did not want to go down for a morning nap but yawned, fussed, and rubbed his eyes away. So missing that nap we read some books and played in the bouncer, then it was time for his second bottle of the day with a little cereal on the side(I have started the cereal in the a.m. only for him to see how his digestive system would take to it). Well as I started to give him his bottle he fell asleep on me! What a little pickle. It was funny because he knew when his bottle was done and he just woke up! Then I was able to feed him his cereal and what happened next was just plain gross! Sorry I am using a lot of exclamations to describe. Well, this baby can sure let out some gas and really disgusting, noisy gas! Needless to say I was about to pick him up to take him to his room and change his stinky butt. But instead we headed straight for the bath. We had a major blowout diaper! I had poop on my hands, it went all over his bouncer, it was EVERYWHERE! This was just one of many things that went wrong yesterday.

Then we went for a nice long walk to make him sleepy. When we got back home he was out. Needless to say he only took about a hour nap, he was having a bad dream and woke himself up. So I rocked him and he fell asleep for another 30 minutes. Will is usually a good napper so we were having a really off day. Feed again and he devours his bottle. He is almost up to 8oz. every 3 1/2-4 hours.

Now it was time for mommy to get some work stuff done, I was going to go and get gas and go and pick up my flyers from the copy center and then go to my friend's neighborhood and pass out the flyers. Well, we pull into the gas station which is scary in itself with the way gas prices are! I pulled up and put the car in park and turned it off. Then I hear this noisy car in front of me, blocking me in! I was like what the H E double hockey sticks! It was four random guys sitting in their car staring at me! I was just sitting in my car! I got in my wallet to get my card out and I could just feel them still staring at me. What was going on and what did they think they were going to do? For crying out loud I was with my child and there were tons of cars around, what were they thinking? I know I might have been a bit over reactive but it just freaks me out when people are staring you down for no good reason. Anyway, I was ready to just back out of my spot and get out of there. Then they pulled to the side and were looking at me through the side window. Meanwhile I just kept my head down and was ready to leave at any minute. They finally left but as they were leaving the station they were looking back at me. There are some serious weirdos out there!

By this time I am like I should just go home with the day that I am having. So I get my flyer and head to L's house and we start to pass out the flyers, by this time it is about 4:00. I thought that Will would fall asleep in his stroller as we were passing out flyers. NO! He cried the whole time, and this baby loves to be outside and in his stroller. L pushes the stroller and I carry Will for about 2 miles before he pukes all over himself and me! I didn't have a extra shirt with us, it was back in his diaper bag. So I had to take his shirt off and walk around with a shirtless baby! I am sure people thought what is she doing?

Well, we get back to L's house and it is 5:15. I know that we have to get on the road because he needs his nightly rituals or else he is really thrown off. Not that he wasn't already. Well we get stuck in traffic like I predicted, Will starts crying because he did not nap, so I blast some Rascal Flatts and he falls asleep. When we get home I start getting his books and toys that we normally play with before he goes to bed. We skipped the bath since he had one earlier in the day. Go through it all and he is yawning. Well, we still have not mastered putting him to sleep on his own, so I put him in his swing to go to sleep at about 7pm. He is wide awake! Meanwhile during this whole day Lew is at work. He did not get home tell after 11pm. Anyway, so I take will out and play with him some more and he gets fussy, so again I put him in his swing and he starts to drift off because at this point, I am literally at my breaking point. Tired, exhausted, emotionally drained, physically drained. He must see it, either that Enya put him to sleep. So about 20 minutes later I take him to his crib and he is still asleep! WOO! HOO!

Then I eat frozen yogurt for dinner...YUMMY! I was not about to make a gourmet meal and have Will wake and it get cold. So yogurt it was.

That did not last long because he was up, shrilling crying. I tried to calm him down w/o taking him out of his crib, that did not work. I rocked him back to sleep, put him in his crib. Ten minutes later he is at it again, tried to calm him down, not happening, rock him to sleep. He is out but then moves and wakes, give him the binky, he is out. By this time I was needing a drink!
At about 8:40 there is peace in the Shutan house. What do I do watch repeats of Jon and Kate plus 8. Can't help it, love that show. I do not know how she did it with that many babies at once!
Well, that was my day in a nutshell.
This was a long day!

I was thinking that we should do a post where we all write about the best day in our lives. Or themed posts, like the best birthday we have ever had etc. You know what I am talking about. Anybody have any ideas, I think this would be cool!
Have a great Thursday!


Shannon said...

Holy cow - what a day. You earned a drink . . . I hope you got a nice glass of wine or something! Poor you - it seems like the hardest days are when the hubbies work late - that totally happens to me too. Kudos for making it through the whole day. Jon & Kate always make me feel better too - I figure if she can do it, I MUST be able to do it, lol!

Erin & Jeremy said...

I hope you had a better day today! Your day made me nervous to have my little Its funny how everyone loves John & Kate and they give us the push we need to go on:)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh my goodness! That was one heck of a day! You made it though... can you believe how much you are capable of?! It's amazing how much a mother can do and not lose her mind...

Ummm, the story about those guys freaked me out! I'm glad you were alright!

Whoo-hoo- frozen yogurt for dinner! That is my kind of meal :)