Friday, June 20, 2008

Peeing off a boat? WHAT!

I will keep this short and to the point. What is it with men peeing off boats or for that matter peeing wherever they want? I just don't get it.
I took Will for a walk yesterday and we were watching the boats launch into the water but we got more than we asked for. Not a sight I was wanting to see.
These two guys were going to go crabbing from what it looked like, they were on a small fishing boat with all their gear and what not. Typical here in Annapolis.
Well, they start off on their way and one guy goes to the edge of the boat and starts peeing! You just see this stream coming out. Mind you he is facing all these gorgeous houses on the water doing it! I am sure those people thought these guys were out of their minds! Then the other guy does the same thing!
I gave Will a talking to and said he shall never do that! If it is an emergency and you are a child that can't hold it, maybe. But come on!
All I have to say is, Peeing off a boat, why??


amanda said...

i agree!! silly boys!!

who do they think they are??

Chelle said...

Ew!! I with you on that one, that's just gross!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Dana said...

Oh, just wait until you have to stop somewhere along the side of a road where there are no bathrooms for miles and let your boy pee. It's good because boys are easy, bad because once you're forced to do it, they will of course think it's a novel idea and decide to just do it whenever they're outside, wherever they happen to be, even if it's right next to the street!