Thursday, June 12, 2008

Naptime..or so we thought

I know it has been a couple of days that I have blogged away about the comings and goings in the Shutan clan. It has been so hot here and we have not been able to take our daily walks outside so we have resorted to going to the mall and walking...that is dangerous! I always end up leaving with something. I come home with a bag and my husband is like I thought you were just going for a walk? That never happens.
So I have been busy being a independent Personal Trainer here in Annapolis..anyone who reads this in the area feel free to contact me for training. Anyway, I have kept a lot of my clients that I had while I was prego with Will and I know it is the best thing for me now. But it is a lot of work, working for yourself. I have been constantly emailing people that I have trained in the past, people that are interested in training, and so forth. But I never thought that it would be this tedious. I am currently working on some flyers to pass out in one of my girlfriend's neighborhood. I know there a lot of mom's out there that would rather not go to a gym and would prefer to train in their house or in their neighborhood. I guess I will see what comes of it. If anyone has any good marketing ideas I would love to hear them. I am planning on going to some local spots that I know will let me put up some flyers, sometimes you come back and the flyers are in the trash though! That annoys me! I was also thinking of starting on Monday posting a "Exercise of the Week". I will have a pic of it up there and eventually it will be a nice selection of exercises that mom's or anyone can do at home without having to leave their house. What do you think?
Well here is what you have been reading all that stuff up there for. Here are some pics of Will this week. He fell asleep on our bed after a long afternoon. But he quickly woke up when our dog came into the room barking!
Okay..this is really creepy! He does this a lot when he is dreaming..he sleeps with his eyes open! I think he is in his REM sleep. That rapid eye movement scares me...

Now he is out..look at the chubby cheeks! Sleeping away.

Sleepy Will rolling over to his tummy..looking very out of it! Why Ella?

" Mom..why does Ella have to bark whenever she sees a squirl!? I was trying to catch some zzz!"


Meghan said...

Hi Jenny - Will is adorable! Isn't it hard to believe how fast they are growing?? We can hardly remember life before Drew. We got Drew's jumper from Babies R Us. Here's the link:

Its freestanding which is nice but it also takes up kind of a lot of space. Just the beginning I'm sure :-)

I think fisher-price also makes a rainforest themed one that also has lights and music and is a little bit smaller. Good luck in your search. Drew really likes his jumperoo!

Shannon said...

I would LOVE an exercise of the week!! I think it's great you're a personal trainer and I'd totally hire you if I lived near you. I had one after my first son was born, and she whipped me into great shape! I have about 4 pounds to lose this time, and I've been running a bit but I really need some exercises to work on toning at home. I just couldn't do the gym anymore so I didn't renew my membership this year - way too hard for me to get there having three kids now. So I like to run and do stuff at home to tone up my arms (um, which are getting toned just from carrying a 17 lbs baby!) and my hips/thighs area.

Don't be scared about having more than one - you will *never* feel like you're ready to have more (we didn't!) and if you decide to, you'll do just fine. I was terrified and can't believe I managed to cope with adding a second . . . and then a third.

I remember the good old days of having one baby and going to the mall :-) I always came home with something new too - and it was usually some cute little outfit for Pete!

Shannon said...

Our dog barks and wakes up the baby too - drives me NUTSO . . . you'd think I'd have gotten a muzzle after the third kid, but nope, the dog still barks every time someone walks by our house with a dog!!!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a great idea to do exercise of the week!

I know I would totally have a trainer come to my house to work with me - if that was an option for me. I think you are on to a great marketing approach!

Will's chubby cheeks are just so sweet. How do you not kiss them all day long?! I accost Eliza with kisses nearly every waking moment - I don't know how she puts up with me! :)


McMommy said...

Oh, I wished I lived near you! You could come over and train me while Carter takes his nap!!

Happy POW!

amanda said...

there is nothing better than chubby cheeks!! he is just so sweet :)

as for the personal trainer bit - count me in for the exercise of the week!! as long as you don't make me take pictures of me actually doing said exercise :)

Megan said...

What a sweetheart! Good luck with your business - sounds like a great thing!!