Saturday, June 7, 2008

Going To The Pool Today!!

It is going to be a humid day here in Annapolis. So we are headed to Va. today to visit my sister and go to her pool. This will be Will's first time at the pool. We have got lots of sun protection, a cool new turtle floatation device that has a top to it, water babies spf 50, and a water proof shirt. He is ready! I will have some pics up hopefully tomorrow of his experience. I hope everyone has a great Saturday and if you are getting the weather we are getting, stay cool!

Will with his shades on! Suprisingly he does not mind them and he actually keeps his eyes open when he is wearing them. Guess we will see how long these last.
I just love those gummy smiles! I can't get enought of them!


Erin & Jeremy said...

Have fun at the pool! I can't believe those teeth!

Shannon said...

We haven't been to a real pool yet with Leah - but we have one of those awesome flotation things too!! I think we'll be heading to a friend's pool in the next week or two. Hope your experience went well and that Will was just like a little fish!