Monday, June 9, 2008

Will's First Time at the Pool!

Well, on Saturday we went to the pool and it was quite an experience to say the least. We got this really cool floatation device, a cute little turtle for Will. Anyway upon entering the pool we were told that we could not take his turtle in the "big" pool. What? I had never heard of this. then they proceeded to tell us that we could only use it in the baby pool. Are you serious? Well of course none of this lifeguards have children, so they do not know. Then he asked if we had a ecologically friendly diaper on. What? Believe me, we recycle and we have gone green. He said that we cannot use the swim diapers because they leak. OMG! Well, by that time I was like where the heck do I get a ecological diaper? So he said they sell them there. Well we got one and to make a long story short, they did not have a small and they gave us a large. Well a large ecological diaper is not going to fit a baby who is 14lbs and this diaper he gave me is designed for a toddler. Anyway, here are some great pics of Will on his first pool outing. He loved the water and had such a good time. He did get tuckered out and took a little nap but he was ready to go back as soon as he woke up.

Will trying to grab the camera from daddy.

Up close, again trying to grab the camera.

Wild hair Will, we put sunblock in his hair and it just went crazy!

Well, daddy says that Will was asking for knuckles here. It is too cute.

Knuckles again with a very laid back look!

All smiles for mommy and daddy.

I just love the pool and my new teeth coming in!

Trying to grab the camera and sticking his tongue out. A multi-tasker!

Just another pic in his safari sun hat. Many more days of the pool to come!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

An ecologically friendly diaper?!

How about a Huggies Swimmie that FITS - I do believe, and I've only had three children, that with the swimmie that fits there would be less opportunity for leak than a LARGE ecologically friendly diaper that doesn't fit.

Just a guess. ;)

Glad you guys had fun despite the unfriendly pool people.

Will's hair is so cute - it gets me every time I see his picture... LOVE it!

( I have heard of not being allowed to take personal flotation devices into the adult side of the pool - unfortunately ;( )


Shannon said...

We have the same turtle floaty too! It's great, we've used it only at friends' pools so we've never been kicked out of the deep end, lol. Sorry about the diaper mess too - that's a pain. I hope you didn't have to pay to swim at this pool after that kind of service! At least the pictures are adorable and Will looks like a swimming champ :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh he's just too cute! LOVE these pictures...

Shannon said...

I don't think that there is any such thing as an "ecologically friendly" diaper. Any disposable diaper is going to be "unfriendly". I have heard that the swim diapers are sort of pointless because they don't absorb anything- if they did they would just turn into water balloons the instant your child hit the water...they do however prevent "floaties". A diaper that absorbs urine but not pool water is not something that I have ever heard of- and I am CERTAIN that if it does exist it is definitely NOT ecologically friendly!
Looks like you had fun though!