Monday, June 23, 2008

Made My Day

First off...Happy 5 month Birthday to my sweet, precious Will. You have given me great joy and each day you surprise me with something new. You are the light of my life and my little lovey! I can't wait to celebrate each and every special birthday and event with you.

Second..Thanks Amanda for giving us some bloggy bling! You really made my day with the award! I love blogging and being apart of such a wonderful group of moms who inspire me each day with their stories and helpful hints of the mommy world. We are honored to receive it from such a great blog like yours.

Thanks to Will and my hubby for giving me something to blog about and to all those weirdos out there that have made it onto my the peeing off the boat guys.

Without further a do....the arte y pico award!!! Thanks again Amanda.


amanda said...

happy 5 months to your little man :)

and you are very welcome!!

Shannon said...

YAY for your blog bling - way to go Jenny! And happy 5 months to Will, from his buddy Leah (who had hers on Sunday)!! Isn't 5 months a drooling, giggling good time????