Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Hopping!

I was doing my daily blog hopping this morning and went to Mommy Learns to Blog with Rachael, she is did this cool word association game that I thought would be awesome to play along with. So join in and check out Mommy Learns to Blog, she has some great blog reading!

I am… very tired right now and my body is sore from too much ab stuff
I want… our move to be over
I wish... for everyone in my family to be happy and healthy
I'm not a fan of… garlic
I miss… my mom
I fear… cancer
I feel… happy when I look at my sweet little bubba Will
I hear… Will's rain forest jumping toy
I smell…Will's last poopy diaper...yuck!
I crave… sweets all the time...yes I do eat sweets! oh..and a tropical vacation!
I search… for happiness all the time
I wonder...a lot but mostly about how life would be if my mom was here and how she is doing
I regret…not getting through school sooner...but life happens
I love… my Lew and Will, and my whole family
I ache…when I see something sad
I always...organize and clean obsessively
I dance…for my Will, crazy silly dancing
I sing... in the car or the shower...I am sure people in the car next to me think I should roll the windows up
I cry… when I think of something sad, hurt, or watch Beaches
I don’t always... clean out my car when I say I am going to
I write… because it makes me feel good...a release...I am in the midst of writing a book for and about my mom
I never… drive fast because I am late for an appt...I am usually 10 minutes early
I listen…to the feelings of others
I need… to be done with school and the move

So now you know a little more about me...

PS . Stay tuned for some more on the binky monster named Will! Coming soon!

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Chelle said...

Beaches...I LOVE that movie. So sad. I haven't seen it in awhile, maybe I'll watch it this weekend!

You know what other movie makes me cry? Steel Magnolias. I'm a sucker for those sad movies.

I hope your Tuesday is going good for you and the fam!