Saturday, July 5, 2008


This week I have taken a request from McMommy who would like to work the triceps. Better known as the...Chicken wings, Bat wings, The Lunch lady arms, and the I do not want to wave because of the flappy skin. Ok, we got the drift right? Well this exercise is one that will definitely tone up those triceps so we can all have sleek, sexy looking arms like Jennifer Garner, or others might like Madonna's. Whom evers you wish to have this will get you into those tank tops that are hiding in the back of your drawer, you know the ones.
If you have any requests please leave a comment and I will put it on the list of exercises.
Dips with a swing

Sit on a step/chair/couch with legs slightly bent, feet flat on floor. Place hands on step/chair/couch by thighs and press palms into it to lift butt.
Next, slide butt off edge and bend elbows to drop hips 3 inches from floor. Straighten arms and slide hips back without sitting down.
3 sets of 12 reps
If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment.
Good Luck to you and your triceps!


4funboys said...

I think I'm beyond help!!!

But since I just found your blog.. I'm thinking this is a subtle hint to ... stop complaining about my arms and excersize...

Shannon said...

Hey I totally tried this (I thought I commented the other day but I didn't!)!! It's great, the only tricep exercise I've done is the 10 lb weight over my head, lifting up and down. This one is great, you can really feel it.

Although carrying my 17 pound baby around is helping my arms a lot this summer :-)

Yay!! for another great exercise!

McMommy said...

Oh my gosh...this exercise looks REALLY EASY to do! I can do that at home! Thank you sooooo much!!