Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is my life....complete chaos! we are officially staying put where we are at. Well, we still have to move out of this condo that is about to get foreclosed on us. Oh, yeah our landlord still has not told us that it is being foreclosed. Nice huh? Anyway, my hubby's transfer did not go through. So we are staying here. Which is kind of nice in a way because I really did not want to leave all my personal training clients. But what a nightmare now. We have to find a place ASAP!

On the Will front he is absolutely loving his rain forest bouncer. He goes crazy in it and starts laughing out of control. I will try and get video of it tomorrow and post it b/c it is the cutest thing ever. He is scooting a lot. Trying to get into everything. We are now going to lower his crib b/c he can reach up on things, we do not need any accidents! I am very paranoid about the whole crib thing to begin with. I think that is why I let him sleep with us for so long. I constantly check on him, it is almost to the point of OCD. Lew thinks I am a little nutso about this. I do to. Also I have noticed after the last round of vaccinations that Will has not been himself. He has been fussy, irritable, not really having interest in his food. What gives? I know he will get fussy after the shots but it has almost been a week. Any other mom out there deal with this? Just curious. Will is also growing so much, he is getting a little to big for all his summer clothes. Winter wardrobe, can't wait to shop for that!

Oh, I had to mention this, did anyone catch the Randy Pausch special with Diane Sawyer last night? What an inspirational man...his book is wonderful and insightful. Every time I hear something about cancer, it just hits close to home. I wish this book was out when my mom was going through her battle. This is a must read if you haven't already read it.

Well...I am off to watch Project Runway. I just love that show!

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Chelle said...

Oh, Jenny, that sounds so stressful! I can't believe your landlord hasn't even told you?? That's insane. I'm sending you some good real estate vibes your way so you'll find something that you love--and fast!
I really wish I had gotten to see it last nite. I'm going to check and see if it's online so I can watch it there. His book sounds amazing, thank you for recommending this :)
And last, every time Isabella gets her shots she gets sick. Either a virus, ear infection, bronchitis. Other than that she is so healthy. It's very strange. I hope he gets to feeling better soon!!