Thursday, July 31, 2008

He's On the Move!

Our little bubba is getting so big! I have a feeling by the middle of August he might be a full blown crawler. If you put something infront of him he will just go after it. He just happens to love my car keys. Go Bubba....Go!


Chelle said...

Way to go, Will! Tell Mommy and Daddy to watch out...the fun is about to start!

amanda said...

so sweet honey.

sooo fun.

and chelle is right...the real fun is just about to begin!!

Mamasphere said...

Once they start moving, it's like a roller coaster ride that never ends!

Love the quilt he's on.

mom2natnkatncj said...

Uh oh, watch out now. Thankfully my little booger is a little delayed and hasn't become mobile yet. I'll relish in that as long as possible. I can hear the problems now. Two older sisters crying to mommy that he got into their stuff again. Oh the fun ;).

Carol said...

What is it about keys?

Looks like he'll be off in no time! I love the crawling stage, well until they wear out the knees in all their pants.

McMommy said...

I'm cheering too.. Go, Bubba, go!!

I loved it when my kids started crawling and then walking. It was so cool to see how proud they were of themselves. And they could "entertain" themselves too...which is so nice!