Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My First Ear Infection...nope false alarm

Well yesterday I had to go and train in the morning and Daddy was watching the little man. Daddy does a good job but he does not deal well with fussiness. Pretty much when I opened the door Daddy gave me Will and said he has been crying the whole time you were gone and pulling at his ear. Nothing is making him happy right now. So I first thought the whole teething thing could be a cause of both of the symptoms. But then when I read my handy dandy parenting book it said possible ear infection. Being the first time mother that I am, I made an appointment for him later that afternoon.
When we got to the doctors, whom I love dearly, they are the best in this area except for the nurse that he had to see. She is not my favorite. But unfortunately his doctor was not available for a same day appt. Somewhat annoying. Then when they told me who we were going to be seeing, I was like great this woman just annoys the crap out of me and half the time she does not know what she is talking about. Last time we were there for a rash and she said his weight was not where it should be and made us come back in two days later and then his doctor said, why are you here? He is fine, I am not concerned with his weight.
Ok, getting back to the story. Well we waited almost 25 minutes for this nurse, luckily Will just had a bottle and was content until he started screaming with delight. You moms know those noises when they are discovering that they have one. Everyone in the waiting room was just laughing. I quickly went to the desk and asked when we might be seen. As soon as that happened they called our name.
They did a weight check on him and it is good to know that he has doubled his birth weight which they say should happen by their 5 month birthday. Well the nurse came in and looked in his ears, checked his heart, LOOKED IN HIS MOUTH, and rubbed his belly. She said his ears looked clear, thank goodness. Then she said it seems a bit early for him to start teething but he could be starting to teeth, which can cause them some ear pain. I said to her, he is teething, he has two teeth on the bottom. Oh. That is what she said. Break here...wait. i thought doctors never said that ear pain, loose bowels, fevers and all that other stuff was not directly related to teething. Or that is not what they are supposed to say. ok done. Then she said he could just be discovering his ears. WHAT?! I have never heard of anything like that. Plus he was literally almost tearing his ear off this morning. So pretty much I chalked it up to be, he is teething and that he probably was getting a earache. No ear infection for the first time mother. Thank goodness. Thanks for listening to me ramble. Here are some great pics of Will, who just so happens to love bath time and last week he actually started to eat cereal and baby food. Which he loves. He starts grunting when there is nothing left. TOO CUTE!
"Hey Mommy and Daddy are you going to rinse this shampoo out of my hair or are we going to take a few hundred more pictures?"
"Hello, I am still waiting for this to be rinsed, Daddy come on!"
"Yeah! Thanks for finally putting the camera down and giving me a rinse."
"Not only do I like to eat cereal and baby food now, my favorite is prunes, but I like to eat my feet. Yummy! "


Shannon said...

I love the shampoo pictures - so cute and fluffy looking!! I am in awe of Will's hair, it is so cute!

The ear infection thing is hard to figure out. A real ear infection in my case was followed by very serious screaming (not just fussiness) for a long time, not sleeping for days, and a really miserable baby. Otherwise it is usually teething. Leah has no teeth but still drools, pulls her ear, eats her fist, and other things that "I" think mean teething. You'll figure it out. They always say a low grade fever and loose stool is not associated with teething but BOTH my boys had those symptoms exactly at the same time they got teeth. Can't always be just a coincidence.

Bottom line is I'm glad he didn't have an ear infection. They're not too fun.

Have a great day, it's canada day here and we're off to a big fair!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It's the hair again! It gets me every time! Too cute! He's just so handsome, Jenny. Seriously.

I'm so glad it wasn't an ear infection! Sorry about the inept nurse... that's super frustrating.


Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

OK . . .

1) He is just so freakin' cute!

2) I SEE 2 teeth!

3) ear infections (we've had a few) - can be non-existent at one look and raging 4 hours later (as told to me by my pediatrician, referring to what has happened to her own children)

4) MH was the worst teether ever - 103 fevers, vomiting, ear pulling, diarhea, you name it.

So take that, nurse!

Glad to hear that he is ear infection free, and eating like a champ, even if you are having to sacrifice some much needed sleep! And how did I miss that you are a personal trainer? No wonder your arms look so amazing in your profile pic!