Saturday, July 26, 2008

I WILL tell you how it went...

Get Naked. It's cold Mommy. Get Weighed. Get Measured. Get Wrapped in my blanket. Wait forever for Dr. P. Take his stethoscope. Give lots of smiles. Hear mommy asking questions about me, oh boy. Get Dressed, thank goodness. Wait forever for the nurse with the cool glasses. Drink some weird cocktail,, what are those, are those needles? Lay back down, here it comes, brace yourself, you can do it, you are 6 months old, you are a big boy, ahhhh.....waaaaaaaaah......Big crocodile tears. Mommy hold me. Where's my binky? Nurse with cool glasses trying to play pick a boo with me. Lady it's not going to work, you just poked me several times. You are not on my nice list right now. We are out of here. I need a nap Mommy. Rascall Flatts. I'm in dream land.

What did I get out of my appointment? Mommy and Daddy can give me something called "People Food".
Sounds pretty yummy!

The doctor said he was amazed that I was already scooting around. I could see Mommy smiling big about that one, thinking she has an advanced child on her hands. Doesn't she know I will be golfing at age 3? C'mon woman do you know who you gave birth to?

He said that I was probably ready for a convertible car seat, since I am getting so big. SWEET! I get to pick out a new stylish ride for myself. Mommy and Daddy won't mind, they give me whatever I want anyway.

I am in the 95% for my height, yeah I might be a star basketball player one day. I am 50% for my weight and head circumference, which Dr. P said was OK. I have always thought I had a big head, since I have so much brains in there!

Well, I better scoot off to bed. Alfred (my lovey-thanks for the hint McMommy), and my binky are waiting for me to sleep tight.


Erin & Jeremy said...

Sounds like Will is doing great!

Chelle said...

Yay, Will! Great job at your appointment and we can't wait to hear about you eating big people food!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Mmmm... people food :) Yay for Will! And a convertible carseat... Will! You're moving up in the world!
I'll be telling everyone, someday when you're a golf pro, that I knew you when you were little :)

Oh, by the way... Eliza wants to know if you can come out and play? ;)

-Eliza's mama: Andrea

Carol said...

Sounds like he is doing really great!

Next step, real food! Good luck with that adventure!