Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The MOMMY is Away.....AGIAN

Hello all you Bloggers out there! It's me, Will. I'm back. Mommy is out training her clients and she left me home with Daddy. I've decided to hit the blogs again since a few peeps out there liked my last visit.

(Daddy coming in the room): Will, buddy, what shall we do tonight?

Will: Ummm, I was thinking we should start off with a bang! This ones for you MCMommy!!

Reddi-wip shots all around!!

(Don't worry mommy's Will DID NOT have any)

Daddy: Great idea Will, now what?

Will: Let's go for a ride and pick up some munchies, but I'll drive, you've had one too many shots Daddy!

(Will and Daddy return from there little romp to the store)

Will: Let's pig out!!

Will: No more for me daddy, stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Daddy: Will, it's getting late, are you ready for bed?

Will: Not yet Daddy, just one more thing!!

Will: Let's go streaking!!!!
(Some images have been edited for your eyes)
Will: Good night my peeps, Will out.


Shannon said...

Impressive - looks like the boys had another fun day while mom was out!! I think there is some blogger in Will, I wonder if that's his true calling :-)???

Chelle said...

Hilarious! They do look like they had a blast :)
Jenny--I left you a something on my blog...go check it out!


elexisb said...

Ah, yes, now I remember why I get nervous when I leave the girls w/ Daddy! hahaha! Great Post :)

Carol said...

Simply hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Par-Tay! Looks like you boys have some cleaning up of evidence to do!

Happy POW!

Diane said...

When mom's away, the boys will play! That is so funny, I love it.

Happy POW!

Mamasphere said...

The things they do when mom's not at home!

My husband tries to hide the evidence, but I always find out.

Jen said...

Too cute!! Dad's are always more fun!!

McMommy said...

I thought I loved Will and Daddy the last time they posted......but breakin' out the Reddi Whip?!?!?! WILL AND DADDY ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Will, honey,...just a word of advice....don't drink any toilet water or stranger's Big Gulps. Apparently Reddi-Whip has no antibacterial properties....

Anonymous said...

Haha. I LOVE this. Although if Lincoln would've been open to the idea of eating whipped cream, I'd have GLADLY given him some :) It's funny how your view changes about food if your kid refuses to eat.

Such cute pictures and commentary!!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Absolutely loved this post!!! What a great guys' night!