Monday, March 29, 2010

Bits of Bubsy. . .

  • Bubsy you are totally and utterly obsessed with choo choos-Thomas is your favorite. You know all the names of the trains. You even know some of the words to the dvds you watch of Thomas. Whenever we go to Target you say...Choo Choo, Pease. How can I say no to that? But you always want to pick out a Thomas train. It is a good thing they have several variations of Thomas. Daddy and I are thinking about taking out some stock in Thomas!
  • I got you the coolest big boy underwear the other day. They are boxer briefs. So cute with sharks on them. We tried them on and you hated them. I guess you still prefer to have your poops in the diaper. It's okay. I will wait for you to give me that sign.
  • You love Lady Gaga. Poker Face is your favorite song and sometimes we have to hear it over and over. I can deal.
  • When you come with me to train my clients, you often help me count. Sometimes you will get on the floor and do sit ups or leg drops. Mommy's clients get a kick out of this. You help them get distracted from their tough workout and they appreciate it.
  • Today we are going to do pilates and you are going to hang out with Brenton. He is like your babysitter but not. You love to hear him play the guitar and even help him. Sometimes you sing along or dance. You love to play the piano too. It's like your own special jam session.
  • This week we are taking our trip to NYC. Mommy is already starting to freak out about how to pack for you. I guess we will be taking Tidmouth Shed and a couple of trains with us, that's for sure.
  • We are going to dye our Easter eggs today since we will not have time before then. I have a feeling it is going to be kind of messy. Oh well.
  • Just wanted to say how much I love you Bubsy. Today. Tomorrow. And Always.


Chelle said...

Awww! So sweet! Isabella loves Lady Gaga, too, haha!

I can't wait to hear how your trip to NYC goes! You're going to have so much fun--I can't wait to see pictures :)


liz said...

Boxer briefs?! Wow! Little boys are too cool these days!

Anonymous said...

sweet post! You guys are going to have a blast in NYC!

Christy said...

Izzy was obsessed with trains for a minute. I bought him this awesome train table for his birthday. He never plays with it anymore(or any of his trains for that matter!).

Lindsay said...

I love this. I do the same thing for my son when I scrapbook every month.

I love Lady Gaga too so me and your little one have something in common. I love working out to her music!