Tuesday, March 16, 2010

randomness...because i want to...

randomness is not a blog cop out!
i like randomness.
  • reading a lot of books since i have been sick and vegging out....The Politician (Andrew Young), Winter Garden (Kristen Hannah), and a trashy one Poor Little Bitch Girl (Jackie Collins). i have not finished any of them yet, just reading three at a time. i am weird like that.
  • bubsy and i have watched marley and me about 3 times. me crying and will telling me the dog is "seeping". i wish that.
  • he did not go to sleep last night tell 11pm. don't know why.
  • i have been sneaking his antibiotics into his vitamin water.
  • totally obsessed with a beverage called Izze. love love the peach and grapefruit.
  • watching a whole bunch of reality tv. kell on earth, kendra, 16 and pregnant, and american idol.
  • the sun is shining today and will and i have already been out. when he wakes up from his long over due nap we will take a nice long walk and play outside. can you blame a girl for wanting to watch american idol with a little piece and quiet?
  • might even have some wine tonight. not much of a wine drinker but starting to feel better and well, i need something.
  • i have been expanding my bloggy reading and really enjoying myself! such great blogs out there.
  • i have also gotten some more followers. thanks followers!
  • okay. enough random. time to get back to kell on earth.


Chelle said...

Being sick is the worst. I hope you are starting to feel a little better.

Marley & Me is sooo sad. I love that movie. I may watch it with Bella...

16 & Pregnant is one of my favorite shows--I can't wait for tonite's episode.

I hope to do some extra reading today. I'm almost caught up with my blog reading. Yay!

I love discovering new blogs--it's so fun when you find fabulous ones to follow--and yay for new followers!

Have fun drinking your wine--I'll be drinking some with you {only in Mississippi :( }. I'm finally feeling better--so we both deserve a glass or two :)


Shell said...

I'm a reality tv junkie. Shhh, don't tell.

Clare said...

i am totally obsessed with 16 and pregnant and kell on earth. i need to blog about the horrible tv i watch...it totally drives chris crazy!

Anonymous said...

ooo boo for sick.. I only made it through Marley and me once! Love reading.. join the spring reading thing... its so fun! yay for new blogs and followers.. I hope you were able to wear him out before bed!

Brandi said...

I love random.

Marley & Me was sad, but it's also sort of how I feel about our dog, Heidi... love/hate relationship. ;) She gets on my last nerve sometimes, but I guess I really do love her.

I'd love to start a new book, but I have no time.

Hope you guys are feeling better! :)

Lindsay said...

I want to read the book by Andrew Young and really would like to know what you think about it. But three at a time? You're good. I can barely finish one!

Oh, and I LOVE Kell On Earth! I just realize that she has a show but I really love it. Just interesting to see what kind of work they do. Plus, I love people who just tell it like it is. I am kinda like that so I guess I can just relate.