Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ready Or Not Here We Come...

Since we were up at the "butt crack of dawn"(just for you Brandi) again this morning, I am finding it so much easier to blog. Will is still half asleep drinking his milk and watching his morning train fix and I can blog. Perfect!

Although today when I got Will out of his crib he was pimpin' it with his pj's zipped down to his belly button! One day I will walk in and he will be naked. Guess I waited a little too long to go and get him this morning. Even though it was 6:30am! But he did let me snuggle with him for about 5 minutes, so that was totally worth the wake up call.

This past Monday we went to visit a Preschool near our house. I have always loved it from the outside and when Will was about 8 months old, I could totally imagine Will having a blast there and me becoming one of "those" moms. We got to meet the Pastor, who was super nice. Will was not too fond of him. But that is okay because Mommy and Daddy liked him and the director of the Preschool. I think we might have found our church! That makes me happy too.

Anyway the director took us to the 2 year old room, I was holding Will and all of a sudden he wiggled himself out and said, "WOW!" He instantly fell in love and so did I. He went and played with some of the children and tried to get in on the arts and crafts project they were doing. But I was so shocked! He did so amazing and did not cry or even look at me for re-assurance. He played well, he took turns, and he made himself comfortable.

Unfortunately the 2x a week class has already filled up but the 1 day a week class still has openings. Lew and I were both in agreement that this is the place for him. We just got that warm fuzzy vibe from them. The director said she could put us on the waiting list for the 2x a week class if someone dropped out. So that is nice to know we have that as well. When I told Will it was time to go, he wanted me to pick him up but then he said goodbye and waved to all his new friends. So cute! Lew was like can he start now? Oh, Daddy's. Sometimes they are clueless. Even if you do tell them this is for the next school year. We love him though.

So this Friday Will, will be officially registered for Preschool. I am so excited, but at the same time I realize my little bubsy is becoming such a big boy. A big boy that is super smart and ready for this adventure.


Anonymous said...

oo what exciting news!! I'm glad you found a preschool you'll liked :-)

Anonymous said...

Praying preschool goes well for you guys!

jess said...

My daughter used to strip in her crib too (that doesn't sound right does it?). If I waited too long her diaper would come off too.

Can you please email me? I found your blog through CSN and I have a question for you. I couldn't get the email to populate from your profile. Thanks!

Brandi said...

HAHA... 'butt crack.' I was up at the butt crack today.

That is SO great about the preschool. It sounds fabulous and I bet he is going to have so much fun. Great about finding a church too. My boys LOVE going to Sunday School. :)

Chelle said...

So exciting! I can't wait to hear amazing preschool stories. xoxo