Monday, March 8, 2010

CSN/Rachael Ray Pan Review!

I was recently asked to review CSN and the Rachael Ray skillet.
Let me tell you the picture on the web site does not do it justice. When I opened up the box, it was packed perfectly and out popped this beautiful, cobalt blue pan! Blue happens to be one of my favorite colors and I love having a splash of color in my kitchen when I am cooking. If you are not a blue fan there are many other colors to choose from. So if you want to spice up your skillet or pans, check it out.
When choosing what to review, I knew that I wanted to do the Rachael Ray skillet and the CSN site is so easy to navigate. They have everything you could want.
When I busted out the Rachael Ray pan, it just so happened to be taco night in our house, which is a family favorite. It's also a good thing this skillet arrived when it did because, I just had to throw a pan away and my other favorite skillet's handle is coming loose.
This pan is super amazing. The 93% lean hamburger did not stick at all! Sometimes that happens when there is not a lot of fat in the hamburger. So needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.
As for the clean up. That was even easier. The skillet was super easy to clean and there was not little tidbits hanging on to the pan for dear life. Once it was clean and dried it look like a brand new pan!
I also loved that the handle was a comfy, cobalt blue. It did not get hot and was easy to handle.
Overall I was VERY impressed with the Rachael Ray skillet and would definitely buy her products from CSN. They were wonderful to work with and everything was expedited very quickly.
Don't you just love that color? So pretty! I have to add more to my collection now.
Thanks to CSN for letting me review this product.
I was provided the product above in order to provide an honest review for my readers. No other compensation was given.


Christy said...

That pan sounds great!

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Anonymous said...

The pan looks great! Glad you liked it :-)

Christy said...

We only use cast iron skillets in my house, but I do like the cobalt blue color.

Nutty said...

Hey, CSN contacted me about doing a review and I was wondering how it went for you? Was it all as easy as they made it sound?