Friday, March 19, 2010

Where To Put The Poop

When it was time to search for a pediatrician for Will, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. They come highly recommended by some of my clients and they have been rated the top practice in our city. There are so many pediatricians there that I knew we would be able to be seen whenever we needed.

The first year, as you all know comes with tons of well baby check ups and vaccinations. The first year was great for us. Then when we went to his 1 year check up I noticed a sign in the bathroom and the exam room.

"Please do not put dirty diapers into exam room or bathroom trash cans. Ask a nurse for a plastic bag so that you can dispose of it outside of the practice."

Luckily we never really had poopy diapers the first year or even at the 1 year check up. But I still wondered, what if Bubsy pooped right when we got there? I have to hang on to the poop tell I can take it to the trash can outside? I mean it is not like I can leave after I check in, what if they call our name and we miss our appointment?

Well. It happened to us. As you know we have had pretty much everything this cold/flu season. With this last bout of ear infections and cold, the antibiotics have not set well with Will's stomach. I had to take him for a follow up appointment just to make sure his ears were clearing up since he was still VERY CRANKY.

That morning he actually ate a whole blueberry muffin and I was so happy because his eating has been horrible. What a mistake.

I was signing him in and he had wondered over to look at the fish in the tank. I keep my eye on him and notice he is being extremely quiet looking at the fish. Normally he talks to them or will bring another kid over there to look at them with him. Guess I can't blame him for needing a little privacy. I hear, ""

I walk over to him amongst all the other moms with their kiddos and realize that Will has had an explosion in his pants. GREAT!

We head back to the bathroom and I am just wondering already, what am I going to do with this diaper? Will was a bit reluctant to get his diaper changed, as he thought he was getting seen by the doctor already.

This diaper required 11 wipes! Yes, I remember how many wipes. I am weird like that. I do not think I have ever had more than a 10 wiper! Luckily nothing got on his pants because I did not have a spare with me.

As I am trying to fold this diaper up, I am starting to freak a little. I am for sure thinking they have called our name and we have totally missed our appointment.

Unfortunately the trash can in an open one and of course there was nothing in it as we have gotten one of the first morning appointments. I start washing my hands like I am on a mission, I look at myself in the mirror and then look at Will with tears in his eyes from this whole experience.

I did it. I chucked the diaper in the trash can. I put paper towels over it so ashamed of what I had done like it said, "Bubsy" on the diaper or something.

When I opened the door, the nurse popped around the corner and said, "Will?" I thought for sure I had been caught by the nurse/poopy diaper attendant. Nope. I was free and clear, literally of that diaper.

Don't get me wrong I feel bad for what I did. Seeing as how I could not smell it with my stuffy nose, I can only imagine what the next person in there thought. But what would you do? I mean I would have had to carry that diaper around for another 30-40 minutes! Sorry. I just could not do it. I do not do well with diarrhea.

Have you ever had an experience like this?


Brandi said...

Oh how funny! I have never heard of such thing! Why don't they just have a designated can or something if they are so worried about poopy diapers?!

I remember a nurse telling us with our first Bub that there wasn't anything 1 wipe couldn't take care of. BIG FAT HA!!! I've had many-a-10 wipers!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

ooo no!! to funny though! I would have totally thrown it in the trash can though! Ours has little bags hanging next to the trash can. So you can put it in one of those and tie it up so it doesn't stink so bad.

Shell said...

11 wipes???? No way would I have hung on to that diaper!

Our peds office has that same sign- but it shouldn't apply to the restrooms!

Chelle said...

I am sorry you had to go through it but I had to laugh. I've BTDT with the kids, I've had kids pee out of open door on the truck in the parking lot because it was either he pees in his clothes with no change of clothes or the black top. I used to HATE lugging dity diapers around with me. But now that I cloth diaper the poop doesn't bother me TOO much. Sometimes I just shake it off in the toilet, and others I wrap the dipe up, stick it in the wet bag then spray the wet bag and diaper bag down with my travel bottle of febreze praying no one will smell her little present as we walk past them.

liz said...

if something is going to go wrong with kids, of course it happens in public. :)

Krystyn said...

I have had it happen. Usually, they give me a plastic bag, and then it's okay to toss in the trash can.

But 11 wipes? That's crazy.

The Mommyologist said...

When my son was little, he always used to poop at the pediatrician's office too! I don't remember what I did with the diapers though. Don't feel least you threw it away and didn't leave it in a bag on the floor or something like that!