Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Weekend!

First off I have to give a "WOOOOT.....WOOOOT" to my sweet Will who has now been off of his beloved binky for 2 days! It kind of happened by accident when we lost our last two binkys and I thought we were totally screwed because I was not ready to deal with the back lash of binky withdraws. There were some tears but, amazingly not much!
Also Lew is taking on a huge challenge at work this week and Will and I just wanted to tell him we are so proud of him! Way to go Daddy!
First off Will and I went to go and see "Hero on The Rails". A Thomas the Train flick. I knew that Will would love it and he did! I was kind of nervous taking a 2 year old to the movies but I thought it would be such a nice treat for him even if he only made it through part of the movie. I did see a couple of moms leave half way through the movie, but not us!
Will did AWESOME! He even got to enjoy his new obsession which you will see in the pics below. Yes, I brought my camera to the theater. I am a cheese ball like that.
Will munching away on popcorn. I think the bag was almost as big as him!

Enjoying some popcorn at home. I just love that face!

It looks like he is giving a thumbs up to popcorn but he was actually putting some popcorn in his mouth. But I like to think he was giving the thumbs up.

My lovey.

More to come from this weekend. We had a wonderful Sunday adventure at the Washington National Zoo. The weather and the animals, just perfect!


Anonymous said...

oo so fun! I really need to take Sammy to see a movie soon! I am sure he would love it.. there just hasn't been much playing that is on his level.. you know what I mean?

Liz said...

What a fun thing to do! My husband has taken all our kids to the movies on several occasions, usually when I'm off doing something else. Maybe I should take them sometime! :)

Loving This Mom Stuff

Jenilee said...

yeah for no binky!!! that is such a hard thing to do! when my youngest moved past hers, I was sad! I couldn't believe I was sad, but I knew I would miss that precious baby binky sound. :) big moments!

Angie S said...

yay for no binky...we are done with ours too!

Audrey said...

You are brave. Our son is only 17 months but the idea of taking him to the movies any time in the next few years makes me shudder. We opt for the Drive In in the summer months because at least any noise he makes is contained. haha!

Chelle said...

Adorable pictures--I love the movies and how lucky are we that our little ones are getting old enough to get it?! Yay!

And congrats on the paci...can Will come and tell Bella that it will be okay to not use one?